20 Writing Prompts – July 2015

Time for another edition of my prompt list! Again, it’s entirely up to you if you decide to use them, I’m just putting them out there in the hopes that maybe they can help someone with their battle with writer’s block or just to get the words flowing for the day. Here they are!

  1. Write a story in which a table plays an important part.
  2. You are turned into a dog for a day. Explain how and why, and what do you do?
  3. Describe your birth month as a person – Do not make this person exactly like you!
  4. The world has changed drastically for the better. What happened to make it change so fast and so much?
  5. Your protagonist finds himself strapped to a chair in a strange place and can’t remember how he got there. He can hear a voice speaking a language he doesn’t understand.
  6. Write an alternative version of the first chapter of a story you’re already written.
  7. Write a letter to your protagonist from you.
  8. Pick a random name (using a baby name book or random name generator) and write a character description based on who you think would have that name.
  9. “Don’t you walk out that door without a proper goodbye!”
  10. Write a day in the life of your mother.
  11. Write about your earliest memory.
  12. Write a story in which a lawnmower plays a key role.
  13. Write a story about a character from a movie, book, or television show that you hate, but make them the good guy in your story.
  14. You wake up one morning as the wrong gender. You are still yourself, and everyone seems to have forgotten that you are supposed to be the other gender.
  15. Write a myth to explain where your name comes from.
  16. Write an inspirational quote about family.
  17. “You’re lying. That’s not even possible.”
  18. You live in a world where it’s normal for animals to talk to humans. One day, the animals stop talking.
  19. You return home from school, but your house is no longer there, and there seems as though it was never there to begin with.
  20. Describe death as a person. Write up a short description of what this person would be like.

2 thoughts on “20 Writing Prompts – July 2015

  1. jadenfromlas says:

    Reblogged this on livingauthorssociety and commented:
    3. August.

    August is tall, brash, and brawny. He doesn’t tend to do well in school, but gets by mainly on charming teachers and fellow students into making school life easier for him. The ironic thing about August is while everyone envies his life, he envies everyone else’s. Most people see him as handsome, strong, and popular with the ladies. He sees himself as dumb, superficial, and uninteresting.

  2. J.A. Prentice says:

    Reblogged this on livingauthorssociety and commented:
    Since Jaden did one, I thought I’d join in on the fun. This is a response to 20- Imagine death as a person.

    She wasn’t what he expected- not even slightly.
    He’d expected the skeleton in the black robe, scythe in hand. If not that, he’d expected something similar- dark clothes, somber persona, mysterious and aloof.
    Instead, she seemed more alive than life itself. Her dress was like fire, made of red and orange feathers. They shimmered as she moved. They were the colours of sunset rather than night.
    She wore fancy shoes with stilletto heels. They glistened in an unseen light and made soft sounds when she moved.
    Cascading down her back and across her shoulders, her hair flowed wild and free. It was black, like the darkest of midnights, but it wasn’t dull. The hair shone with a thousand tiny pinpricks of light, like stars in the sky.
    Her eyes were orange and black, glowing like embers. They beckoned him, drawing him closer.
    Her ruby red lips parted in a smile, sly and sultry.
    Come to me, every part of her seemed to say. Come to me and all the pain will go away.
    He reached out his hand for hers. She took it, pulling him close.
    As she touched him, he noticed how cold her fingers were- cold as artic waters, cold as the vacuum of endless space,.
    Cold as endless night.

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