One Line Story #26


I just realized it’s been a while since I posted one of these, so here’s a new one. Things have been crazy busy on my end, hence the almost complete absence I’ve had here on the blog. I promise it won’t stay like this for long! I’ve just got a lot going on, and unfortunately it doesn’t  involve all that much writing. Prep for the comic convention here in town has been keeping me pretty busy – mostly just trying to get printer settings right for doing prints of my art as well as actually creating new art to get printed. Just a whole lot of little things that are stacking up daily and taking longer than expected to get checked off the to do list.

Honestly I’m still not sure how it’s already a week into the month. I have no idea where the last week went, because it feels like nothing’s gotten done. Hopefully the rest of the month won’t go quite so fast.


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