One Line Story #28


Silence is actually something I’m enjoying at the moment. I’ve had a headache for what seems like forever – in reality it’s been two weeks, I think. My dog is sleeping soundly next to me, my cat is napping somewhere, and my boyfriend is in the other end of the house. Where I’m sitting in my living room feels extremely peaceful right now, and I’m hoping I can enjoy more of this today. Maybe that will help with the throbbing in my skull enough for me to get something productive done before the week is over.

For anyone who reads my posts regularly, and who has seen and liked the art I’ve posted here recently, you can find more of it here. I will be updating there way more regularly than my actual art blog, as I’d rather not clog up my art blog with unfinished pieces.

Just thought I’d get that out there, as some of you really seemed to like a couple of the pieces I have shared recently. And since we’re already on the topic, you can find my writing on Facebook as well.

And, just for some fun and networking, I’ll follow you back if you go like the pages and leave a link for me in a comment there. 🙂 As much as I absolutely love my blog, and some of the short conversations I’ve had on here with some of my readers, Facebook is a much easier platform for things like that, and I feel it’s slightly more intimate in ways as well. Much easier to have a discussion on Facebook than on here.

So go ahead! Go check out my pages, like them, leave links for me to go like your pages! You know you want to. 😉


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