Creating With Friends Is Better Than Creating Alone

I’ve realized something recently, and it hit me like a brick wall. I really don’t have any friends who draw or create here in my hometown. I mean, it’s not something that I’m really just realizing so much. I knew this. One of my best friends on the east coast is also an artist, and when I lived there, we would always be drawing and painting and comparing our own work to the other’s. It wasn’t a competition, but it was motivation. I had someone who enjoyed art as much as I do, who created things regularly, and someone who knew what it was like for me to feel that urge to draw or paint because she felt it too.

What I’ve realized is that without other artists in my group of friends here, I have less motivation. The people I have around me here in the north are creative, sure, but none of them are really that passionate about any of the arts. None of them do it regularly, even semi-regularly. I feel like it’s just not important anymore, no matter how much I feel it is. The people around me may enjoy the things I create, but they question why I do it, never understanding that it’s just about wanting to. I draw things I feel I need to draw, just as I write stories I feel need to be written.

Posting on here and getting feedback and having short conversations with all of you is amazing, but it’s not the same as physically being around other creative people. Reading comments on a computer screen is not the same as feeling the vibes from another living person in the room with me who is in the midst of creating something amazing. Being in the same room as another person who is drawing makes it easy to feed off of eachother and give eachother a boost if there’s a bit of a funk.

I miss having creative friends. Not the friends who do creative things sometimes, but the ones who can’t live WITHOUT doing those things. The friends who are passionate about art and creative and thrive on life because of their work. I mean yeah, writing in the same room as someone else is a bit different – I can’t focus on my writing unless I’m completely alone. Drawing and painting is more fun when I’m with friends, though. Where are all of those people here in Whitehorse? How is it that none of my friends are as passionate about their art as I am? I feel childish in my need to draw and create when I’m surrounded by people who don’t feel that urge in the slightest. I feel as though I’m surrounded constantly by very uninspired people who wish for nothing in life, whereas I want everything from life, and my art helps me feel better about myself as well as being therapy when I need to get my emotions on paper somehow.

If anyone reading this is from Whitehorse, please let me know who you are. I feel as though I’m dying without creative friends who can speak about their art with emotion, who do more than just dabble in the arts. Consider this an open call to all of you. My own personal want ad. Writer/artist looking for other writer/artists to mingle with and converse with and boost eachother.


11 thoughts on “Creating With Friends Is Better Than Creating Alone

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    I’m disappointed to see nobody has responded here. I’ve only been through whitehorse a few times, but it struck me as the sort of place where a small art community might be hiding somewhere. This is going to sound like an odd suggestion, but my wife and I stayed at a hostel there a number of years ago, doubt it’s still around, Jekyll on Hide street or something like this. That place, while not the sort of place I’d hang out, seemed like the kind of place a person might go to meet people who were passing through, artsy folks. I dunno, maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but that’s all the more I know. The alternative is to take a drive down to Haines (what’s that 6 – 10 hours from there?). Anyhow, good luck!

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      I actually used to live right next door to Hyde on Jeckell, and it was amazing the types of people I’d meet even being a young teen at the time. This place is extremely artsy, the problem is mostly that those artsy types are either way older than me, or have no interest whatsoever in my style of art. From what I’ve seen personally, most of them tend to keep to themselves unless they are at the market selling their goods. I have no problem spending time with people of any age, it’s more just that I tend to keep my art focused more on the supernatural end of the spectrum, and people here are more about celebrating our land and culture, and they don’t understand the type of art I do.

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