One Line Story #29


I’m thinking about my story today… Very deeply, and it’s hard to get my thoughts away from it. By story, I do mean my series of novels. Book 1 is begging to be edited some more, while book 2 is pleading to be written. I find myself lost in the world of this series, the lives of my angels and demons. Maybe it’s just the rain pounding on my roof outside that’s drawing me to write about such heartbreaking things – and yes, my series is heartbreaking in many ways.

I think once I’m done with my usual socializing that happens every Sunday, I may go hide away and be alone with my characters for a while. Maybe I can get something done, even if just a little.

2 thoughts on “One Line Story #29

  1. LD Durham says:

    I totally get that. Sometimes, I swear my characters can be sitting next to me in the car, telling me all about themselves and changing the station to their favorite music. Other times, they’re standing outside the shower, trying to get me to hear them over the water. Or they’ll point out pictures I’m looking at and say, “Yeah, see, that one! That’s exactly what my vacation/hair/dog looks like.”
    I think we need a shirt that says, “I swear I’m not crazy. I’m a writer and I’m really just talking to my characters. It’s all cool.”

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      Hahaha yes! I would wear that shirt. I think it would explain a lot of the random times I zone out staring at something that may even seem inappropriate to others. It’s terrible, there are days that it’s like they’re screaming at me to pay attention, or it’s almost impossible to hold a conversation with a real person due to the conversation I keep hearing in my head from one of the characters.

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