One Line Story #31


You know those days when you wake up and think to yourself that it’s going to be an amazing day, and then things immediately start to go wrong? It’s one of those days. I wanted to clean my bathroom, but there’s no paper towel in my house, and I’m not going downtown today. (I was a janitor for 10 years, and I refuse to clean my bathroom with a cloth, no matter what anyone tells me about germs. Your argument is invalid. Paper towel is the best option.) I planned on doing some baking for a client, but the client hasn’t gotten back to us about her order yet. I planned on getting some drawing done, or some writing, but my house is in desperate need of cleaning. It’s always something.

I’m hoping to salvage my day by getting all of my cleaning done in the next couple of hours, but even then I may not be able to get everything done that I wanted to do today. Today already feels like it’s aiming to be a write-off, and I have so many things I still want to get done.

Wish me luck. This is turning out to be a longer day than planned already, and my day only started two hours ago. At least I got a new one liner up, though. Right? It’s at least something I can get checked off of my massive to do list for the day. I guess today isn’t all bad… Just mostly so far. Fingers crossed I can change that soon.


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