20 Writing Prompts – August 2015

It’s that time again. Time for another list of writing prompts for your writing pleasure. Use them to help with writer’s block or to get the juices flowing, or don’t use them at all. That’s your choice. I’m just putting them here so you can maybe find some inspiration from them. Anyway, here they are!

  1. Write a myth to explain why the sun sets.
  2. You travel back in time to 1900 BC. Explain how it happened and what you experience.
  3. You were aboard the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas. Write about what you experienced.
  4. Rewrite your favourite fairy tale.
  5. You are learning how to fly your first spaceship.
  6. Describe Hell.
  7. Describe happiness as a person.
  8. You invent a serum to help rich people live forever, but they must start their new life at the bottom and start from scratch to gain back their fortune.
  9. Write a potion for love, including ingredients and directions.
  10. You find an old diary in a run down, abandoned building. Write an entry from this book.
  11. Write a letter to your past self.
  12. “I never knew my father… I hear he was a terrible man.”
  13. You once loved her. Now she’s nothing but a monster.
  14. Your friend has been missing for three months, thought to have drowned in the lake at your cabin. You are staying at the cabin with some friends when your missing friend walks out of the lake.
  15. Create a playlist of ten songs to describe your protagonist.
  16. Your body is frozen after your death to be brought back in the future. You awake 2,000 years from today.
  17. Who were you in a past life?
  18. “You really shouldn’t do that. They don’t like being disturbed before the sun goes down.”
  19. Your favourite actor/musician has a breakdown on the road and knocks on your door asking to use your phone.
  20. It’s the year 2385 BC. What is life like?

17 thoughts on “20 Writing Prompts – August 2015

  1. aaronlfuller says:

    Number nine:
    Moonlight reflected off the white petals, and Shashi gently tipped the flower to the glass vial. A single drop of nectar, slickened by the dew, rolled from petal to glass. She scanned the sky. A cloud passed the moon. Patience. Patience. Patience. The cloud passed, and the sorceress continued her task by collecting six more drops. With the vial capped, Shashi sat on the moist jungle floor and read her spellbook. “Seven drops of nectar, sweetened by the unblemished moon.” CHECK. “One drop of scorpion’s sting for lover’s pain.” CHECK “Juice of an eternity seed picked in the burning sun.” Shashi Bora sighed, “I hate traveling to the desert. By Kali, I will never finish this love potion.” The apprentice sorceress closed her eyes. Kavi Rak’s muscular arms and quick smile played with her imagination. She swallowed hot jungle air and rose with no more sighs, “Now to the desert of Mencharin.”

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