Meet Michael

I realized I haven’t quite introduced him yet, so I figured it might be time now that the first novel has been officially announced.

This is Michael, a major part of the book series. You can think what you will about him, but I am quite fond of him as a character. Call it a certain attachment. He’s not actually in the first book all that often, but he plays a huge role in it. He is my own version of the archangel Michael. So take him as you will.

My relationship with his character is complicated, but I love him. He is one of my best creations, and I’m so excited that he’s going to be making his debut later this year.

©Kimberley Crawford

©Kimberley Crawford

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.


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