One Line Story #38



Sorry for the lack of posts, people, I really am. The convention I’m selling good at is next weekend, and I have been trying to get everything done for that so that I’m not scrambling the last few days before. I’m still probably going to be scrambling, but at least I am getting some things done that I won’t have to worry about doing last minute. Tons of clothing that still needs to be made, as well as a bunch of drawings that need to be finished and prints that have to be printed. Just a lot of stuff in general. I’m hoping that I can get a lot of it done in the next few days with some help from one of my friends, but I still may not be posting all that much until the convention is over and I have more free time again.

It really sucks for me, as I miss being more active on the blog. I didn’t think it was really that big of a deal until now. I realized how  much I’ve been craving the time to sit down and just work on my blog again without having a million other projects screaming at me to be finished. Hopefully I can get enough done over the next few days that I can finally sit down and write some more substantial posts for here. Fingers crossed. I feel like nothing has been getting done for weeks, and I’m hoping I can change that feeling very soon.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.


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