Between Love and Death Cover Reveal!

So I decided it’s time to finally show all of you what I have for my cover. It may change slightly by the time the book is released in December, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks so far.

For any of you who may be wondering why I chose something so simple when I have so many detailed drawings of the characters from this book that could be used, here’s your answer. I love simple graphic book covers. They have so much more impact with me. And since this book is for me, and not written for anyone else, this is what I chose. The series will follow this style so that they all match, and they will all look good sitting together on my book shelf when they’ve been printed.

Look at it! Isn’t it pretty?!

I find that books with too much going on on the cover actually deter me more often than not, and I’ve been known to buy books just because the cover has been designed so perfectly and simply that I can’t resist having the art on display with my books. Is the cover perfect? Probably not. Like I said, I may tweak it a bit before the book is officially released later this year.

Since I already have book 2 completely planned and partially written, and it is actually technically in its second or third draft already (having been scrapped and rewritten a few times and pulled from book 1 completely to be a separate book), I already know what the cover for it will look like. I also know what the cover for book 3 will look like. Am I jumping the gun? I don’t know think so. If these books only ever see my own book shelf, that’s enough for me. They’re my books, and as much as I want others to enjoy them as much as I do, I want them to look a certain way. The style of the covers is meant to tell a story all in itself. (I’m an artist at heart, and art is nothing if not a story in a single image. Plus that means it has to look appealing to me.)

As for my mention of seeing it on my shelf, I will have this book available for anyone who might want a hard copy as well as the ebook. I’m a sucker for physical books, and I have no problem admitting that I rarely ever read any books at all on my phone. I love the smell and feel of a good book almost as much as reading it, as I’ve stated before, and for my own sanity, I will feel like it is actually published and out there if I’m holding bound paper in my hands rather than a digital copy. I have digital copies already just sitting on my computer. Nowhere near the same for me.

So let me know what you think of the cover! It may look slightly different on the print copy as opposed to the digital copy, as I had a specific vision in my mind for the print copy, but they will be very similar. I’m no graphic designer, so maybe it looks terrible to everyone else. But I like it.

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



7 thoughts on “Between Love and Death Cover Reveal!

  1. Jaden C. Kilmer says:

    That’s a great cover. Can never go wrong with black and white, and the font’s pretty cool. Part of the reason why I also like physical books is for the cover! They can be so pretty to look at.

  2. phoenixgrey85 says:

    That’s a beautiful design. It would draw me. I agree about simple covers. They are quite often the most striking and eye-catching.

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