One Line Story #39


Look, I’m back! Just like I promised! A bit later than I planned to get something posted, but I haven’t been home for long from picking up my other dog. Other dog being my best friend’s dog who likes to think she’s mine most days.

I’ve been stuck in my head about so many things lately, and my books have definitely been taking over as of late. Despite being focused mainly on my art and fashion for the last couple of weeks due to the convention, I can’t get my books out of my head. My boys have been nagging at me to keep writing and editing, and they are winning. They are most definitely winning.

So on that note, I’m going to cut this short and hopefully go get some book stuff done to stop their yammering. Hopefully I can get a bunch done in the next week or two so that I don’t have to hear their voices constantly begging for me to keep working.

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