Flash Fiction Challenge (26.09.15)

It’s that time again. Time for another short one, something simple for all of you busy people out there. I know what it’s like to be really busy, so I sympathize with all of you. I know all about too busy to write significant word counts.

So for those of you who can’t afford much time for writing pieces outside of your own projects, or anyone who just needs to get some juices flowing, I’m giving you another one line story challenge. I want you to write the most heartbreaking thing you can possibly put in one sentence. Something to pull at those heartstrings. Make people cry if you can.

Your deadline: Friday, October 2nd at noon PST

Word count is on you, I just need the one line.

Write the short story and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it. Or just post it directly in the comments. Either way works.

Go write an awesome story and get back here with your link!

PS, if your story is NSFW, please state that in the comment along with the link just in case.


6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge (26.09.15)

  1. Andrew Troy Keller says:

    When she stepped out onto the balcony and saw a metal statue of a naked man with his eyes closed and his hands above his head, Heather looked at the other party guests inside the house and saw that they were having too much of a good time to notice before she smiled, taken her clothes off and pressed her naked body against the statue until she saw him open his eyes and wrap his arms around a shocked Heather, who tried unsuccessfully to free herself from his grip before she had no choice but to let out a scream of terror because she was turning into a metal statue as well.

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