One Line Story #55


I feel like I haven’t slept, but I know I have. I spent a good portion of last night editing work while trying to keep the scenes for the second book from overriding and forcing themselves out. Needless to say, it took much longer to do what I was trying to do thanks to the boys screaming in my head about what needs to be included in the second volume of this series. The above one liner is something that came to mind yesterday while I fought to stay focused, and it has yet to be seen whether it will be included in any way or if it will just stay the way it is now. I do like the scene that came to mind, so if I can somehow make it work, you might see an extended version of this one liner in Silver and Gold. We shall see.

I’ve had so many idea popping into my head over the last few weeks that it’s been hard to even consider writing them all. I can honestly say that I’m usually fairly good at staying focused on a single story, unless of course I have short stories I want to write, but I’ve brainstormed basic plots for about three other novels in the last month. I feel like I’ll be able to tame it down a little once I can sit and focus solely on Silver and Gold, which will start this weekend. Maybe then I can actually just focus on what I’m writing and not on the million plot bunnies that keep appearing. Who am I kidding, I’ll still have those ideas. I’ll just be so exhausted from working on the second book that I won’t have time to give them a second thought.

It’s not that I hate having so many ideas, it’s that I feel guilty when I follow through and don’t get work done on my bigger projects, like my novels. I start writing something unrelated and then stop and remind myself I have more important things to do. Thank the gods for one liners and getting some of those rampant bunnies under control.

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



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