NaNoWriMo Progress – Day 4 (5?)

This year is not going nearly as well as I had planned, and it’s entirely my own fault. Things keep coming up, and although I know I can brush some of them off, I do not. I do them anyway, and then I run out of time in my day so that I am left to write my words at night. And by the time I can write, I am technically two days behind, because it’s already after midnight.

I am currently at 7,166 words for the month, which isn’t that bad, but it’s nowhere near where I would have liked to be by now. I wanted to have about 15,000 words written, and I planned on it.

So what keeps coming up to distract me from this important task of novel writing? A lot. Mostly just normal distractions that I could avoid if I had the will power to do so, but my will power is missing this month.

There is something good that has come from this, though. I got an email today that was beyond exciting, and that’s why I couldn’t write at all today until about an hour ago. (It’s almost 3:00 AM here, in case you’re wondering.) The email? I was asked to be a part of an art show, and actual gallery show, for the first time in my life. Not until next October, but I don’t care. That gives me plenty of time to prepare epicness for the show. But do you know what’s equally as exciting about being asked to show my work in a gallery setting? If not more exciting, actually. What’s more exciting than being invited to show my work is that I was invited by an artist I have respected for most of my life.

This artist is a local celebrity in that her work is used commercially by our government here in the Yukon, and can be purchased locally and is on display in pretty much every public building, etc etc. i have loved her work for years, and she’s been an inspiration to me in many ways. I met her at the comic convention I sold at in August, and she remembered me and my art and made a point of getting in touch with me personally to be a part of this.

I have been too excited all day to sit still, and so I decided to clean up my workspace (writing area) and then cooked and did some errands, and then had to jot down a bunch of random things just to try to clear my head enough to write 1,000 words. (Just another reason for me to be writing this post, as I still can’t quite focus on the book I’m writing without getting distracted with thoughts of the meeting I have on Saturday to further discuss the art show.)

I figure my measly 1,075 words for today will have to suffice until I can get some sleep and stop vibrating. Unless I can somehow make myself calm down after this post goes live. Which I doubt.

Wish me luck for day 5, I’m going to need it. Having this many things going on in my mind is a curse at times, and I’m going to need all of my energy to stay focused on writing tomorrow when I wake up. Goodnight readers, and good luck with your own writing adventures.

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



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