Flash Fiction Challenge (07.11.15)

This week I want to do something a little different. I want you to click on this link (some images are NSFW) and scroll through the images there. Find an image that speaks to you, a character. I want you to tell me about that person. I want to know everything you see when you look at that image, and I want you to include a link so that people can find the image you used. I have just under 1,000 images on that inspiration board, so there should be something that speaks to you buried somewhere in there.

Tell me their backstory, what foods they like, if they have family, anything that comes to mind. Oh, and this one is timed. Once you have your image picked, set a timer for fifteen minutes and just write it all down. No word count, as everyone writes at different speeds.

You have until noon (PST) on Friday, November 13th

Write the short story or whatever you come up with and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it. So if you’re more a poet than a storyteller, feel free to join in as well.

Go write an awesome story and get back here with your link!

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



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