To Finish NaNoWriMo Or Not To Finish?

I’m a decent way into my word count for this month. Just over 15,000 words, and I could easily hit the 50k mark within the week if I tried. But I’m not sure I want to. Don’t get me wrong, I do really want to hit the 50,000 for this month, and I haven’t decided it’s too much for me suddenly. I know I can write that much in a month because I’ve done it in the past.

The reason I’m questioning whether or not I want to finish it this year is pretty simple. I have so many  things on my plate right now that I’m not sure I want the stress of trying to hit the word count on top of it all. With the first book coming out in four weeks (!!!), and the work I still have to do with that, as well as now having a big art project with a deadline and no direction (maybe not no direction, but nothing solid), and all of my photography work, I’m more exhausted than I would like to admit. I’m getting sick, I can’t shake the headache I’ve had for a week, and simply looking at my files for the books have been straining.

I’m not complaining. I chose this, I’ll live with it. I just hadn’t realized that I had been pulling 12 hour days without days off for weeks on end. I think it’s time to take a few days off from everything, writing included. At least writing for goals. I feel like just writing whenever I can and want will be better for a while rather than working toward a word count. If that makes any sense.

I feel like I’ve been spread too thin with my numerous projects, and I am now too tired to focus on any of them. I did manage to finish a big one today, and it felt so relieving that I poured myself a drink and sat staring at a wall for ten minutes straight because it meant not having to think. (No, there was nothing on the wall. Just white paint.) It’s occurred to me that I’m burning out from all of it, and as much as I’d love to keep working, I need some me days.

This does sort of mean that I will not be on the blog so much for a week or so, but that might not be the case. I don’t want to give myself a schedule until the 18th, just to take a week to do whatever I feel like doing at the time rather than working from a checklist. There will still be a flash fiction challenge this Saturday, I just may not be posting my one liners and whatnot quite as often.

Time for a little staycation and some gaming and reading and watching movies with cat and dog cuddles. Hopefully after a few days i will be back to normal and able to pick up where I’m leaving off.

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



2 thoughts on “To Finish NaNoWriMo Or Not To Finish?

  1. Jaden C. Kilmer says:

    Oh man, am I in the same boat. 10,000 words in, clearly not the best work I’ve done, with so many other things to do. Including more important and immediate things like redrafting works to self publish in the coming weeks.

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      Exactly! My first book is coming out on December 9th, and I’m still in the process of making that readable and polishing it up enough to publish. It’s taking up most of my time, plus I have an art show to plan for, and I don’t have nearly as much warning as some of the other artists who will be involved, so I have even less time to get my art done. WAY more work to do this month than I anticipated, and as much as I’d love to finish the 50k, I’m only going to do it if I can do it in days of solid writing so that I have a bunch of days between to get my other projects finished up.

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