I have successfully taken the last 4 DAYS off from writing! I’m not being sarcastic. This is actually a big thing for me. I haven’t been checking in here as much, I walked away from the novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo, and I have binge watched two seasons of Bones. That’s not to say I’ve done nothing at all. I have. It just hasn’t involved writing.

Okay, that’s sort of a lie… I spent a couple of hours last night outlining a short story I’ve been dying to write, all while using a new method involving flash cards. BUT! That was just outlining, not writing incessantly, as I am so wont to do when I am alone time.

This might not seem like a good thing to a lot of your writers out there, but for me, it was necessary. I’m still not feeling quite like myself, but I’m definitely feeling better than I was last week. Although now I feel as though I may be getting a cold, which could definitely force me to take a break. No matter, I still feel better than I did.And I managed to get something started for my art show.

I’ve already spent 20 hours on this one piece, and there will be another 30 or 40 hours dumped into it by the time I am done. I can’t show you what I’ve been working on, simply because I don’t want to show it until next summer at the earliest. I will, however, say that the piece I am working on takes place in the same world as the Love and Death series of novels I am writing. Love and Death focuses mainly on Julian and his experiences, while the man in this drawing may not even show his face in those books. He may get his own story at some point, if I see fit to spend that much time on a book for him and his brother.

I will say, though, that I am extremely happy with how this one is looking so far. Taking time off from writing for a week to work on this was definitely the right choice, as I’ve put more time into making this perfect than I would have if I were still trying to complete NaNoWriMo. I do still want to finish NaNo, but it is no longer a priority for me, as I’ve already said in recent posts. The novel I was working on will still be finished at some point, as it is for the Love and Death series, it just won’t happen this month. And I’m okay with that. It’s become obvious to me that I need to slow down more and spend more time actually relaxing, as opposed to “relaxing” by writing and drawing and essentially working. So cheers to a successful first step! Yay me!


Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



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