One Line Story #57


After a much needed break from checking the blog every day and writing posts almost every day, I’m back. Sort of. I’m still exhausted, and I’m not sure if I’m getting sick or if I’m just tired. I’ve been fending off a cold for days, and I thought it was finally leaving me alone, but now I’m not so sure.

On top of taking a break from posting here so much, I stopped writing my book for NaNoWriMo about a week ago. I picked it back up last night and wrote about 2,000 words, but I’m still way behind where I should be by today. I’m also still unsure as to whether i want to give a good final push to finish the 50k, or if I’m better just taking it easy for a while until I’m feeling back up to 100%. Working long days has definitely taken a major toll, and even with taking the last week off a “break” to some, but drawing is so relaxing to me that it is a break even if it’s art for a gallery show.

Counter intuitive, I know. Take a break and work through the entire thing. But it was helping me. Unfortunately, I was also house sitting for the entire week, and no matter how hard I tried or how tired I got, I couldn’t sleep. And that’s probably my main problem right now, just trying to get back to a normal schedule again.

Add to all of this the fact that I’m so nervous about the book launch in a few weeks that I feel sick anytime I think about it. And the fact that my to do list is growing daily and not getting any smaller no matter how much I push to check things off. Not to say nothing is getting done, but the things I’ve been working on are taking so long that I haven’t actually finished any of them. (I have a big drawing I’m working on for my art show that has already taken me 25 hours of work and will take almost as long to finish. It’s getting done, but with it taking so long, I haven’t been able to check it off my list as being finished. Meaning that on paper, it looks like nothing has been done in a week.)

Obviously I need more than a week off, but I don’t have the luxury of being able to take that much time for myself. So for the next few weeks, I may be running a little slower than normal, meaning there still will not be as many posts as I would usually write. I have to focus on the book launch and the art that needs to be finished.

I’m also going to take this time to announce that although I am releasing the first book of my series in a few weeks, I am not making a big show of it. It’s more a test than anything else at this point. I want to get some feedback on the book once it’s published, and if I have to, I will take the whole thing and edit again so that it reads better and publish it again at a later date. I am considering the possibility of combining both the first and second books of the series into one, so the book that comes out next month may very well be just the beginning of the larger finished book. I realize this may sound a little confusing, but I feel as though it might make more sense for them to be one long book as opposed to two shorter ones. I just want to hear what readers say before I make that final decision to combine them into one or leave them separate.

So anyone who buys the book and reads it, please contact me or leave a review with any notes you might have on the book. It would be greatly appreciated, and will help me make the book better if need be.

***I’m not saying I am asking people to buy a first draft of this book. I am hoping this will be the final version, as I have already put countless weeks into editing and polishing it. I merely feel that I am too close to it and can no longer see any problems there might be, and I cannot afford to pay an editor to help me out. This is, as far as I am concerned at this very moment and for the release date, the final version of the book, ready to be enjoyed by any who choose to read it.***

I’ve already rambled enough, and I might not even be making sense anymore. That said, I’ll still have a flash fiction challenge up this Saturday, so be sure to check that out to help get your creative juices flowing.

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



2 thoughts on “One Line Story #57

  1. britestfyrefly says:

    I actually took a 3 month hiatus and am regretting it. I wanted to publish next month as well but between changing jobs, November has been very unproductive. If I pushed these last ten days I could probably finish a very rough draft and can spend 2016 getting it ready for press. Kudos to you for shooting for a release regardless. I WILL buy your first book and will be honest. Smoke blowing isn’t in my blood. Welcome back to blogging and good luck!

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      Thank you so much! I expect nothing but bad reviews, honestly, I’m absolutely terrified it’s bad and I’m just too close to it to see it because I’ve been working on it for so long. Any good reviews will be a joy, but I feel better expecting bad ones so that I’ll be pleasantly surprised if there are good ones haha. I won’t ask for good reviews, I just want honesty so I can try to make it better in the future.

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