Flash Fiction Challenge (28.11.15)

This month has been hell for me, and as such, these challenges haven’t been particularly amazing. At least not in my opinion. To try to make up for it, I want to do something a bit different this week. It’s something way more challenging, but I’m hoping maybe some of you will appreciate it and take part.

This week I want you to do 7 different things. One for each day of the week. What things? I want you to write letters. A total of seven of them, and all to different people who have inspired you. If you are uncomfortable writing the letters and posting them on your blog, that’s okay. If you are okay writing them as open letters that you will post on your blog every day, so be it. Feel free to link back here so others can see them. These can be anything from letters thanking your mother or father, a teacher, someone you’ve never met who has inspired you. The list goes on. Just make sure it’s something to thank those people in some way. As much as I love writing dark things, I’m no stranger to thanking people for all they’ve done for me, and sometimes it’s nice to take some time out of your day to just be thankful and let someone know how they’ve impacted you in a positive way.

You have until noon (PST) on Friday, December 4th

Write the letter and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it. And like I said, if you are not comfortable sharing the letters online, that’s okay. Just post a comment saying you’re taking part and that it’s too personal to share. Not all gratitude letters are appropriate for the whole world, so it’s okay to only share them with the person for whom they were written.

Go write some awesomeness and get back here with your link!

Between Love and Death, the debut novel from Kimberley Crawford’s Love and Death Series, is scheduled for release on December 9th, 2015.



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