One Line Story #58


It has been a particularly hard week when it comes to my writing. Having officially postponed the release of my first novel, I’m feeling more discouraged than ever. It was my choice to push the date, but it was not an easy choice to make, and a part of me is still battling with the idea of trying to make it happen anyway, despite knowing it’s not a good idea.

I haven’t picked a new date yet, as I want to do some more work before I make it official. I don’t want to push the date again. Once was hard enough. As it stands, I am still hoping to publish in late March, but it will all depend on how everything else is going. I have been stressing myself out way too much to be of any use when trying to focus on the novels, and the defeat of having to back out of NaNoWriMo last month definitely did not do much good for my ego. The amount of things on my to do list right now is absolutely insane, and unfortunately, most of those things have to take priority over my writing. I know, depressing, right?

So here’s my plan. I’m hoping to get back into blogging more frequently, as even my posts here have suffered immensely by my schedule changes. So I will post more one liners soon, as well as keeping up with my flash fiction challenges and hopefully some longer posts full of useful tips for all of you other writers out there. I am also going to work on short stories that I can post here as well as some that I can publish in ebook format before the end of this month, as long as all goes according to plan (which we know may not happen depending on what ugly beast rears its head in the next few weeks). Like I said in my last post, I will post links here to any short stories I publish so you can go check them out and buy a copy. (I promise I’m not planning on charging a ton of money for them!) I’m basically just hoping that I can still get some quality writing done in between all of the other things I need to finish, and that when things hopefully slow down a little (like that’s ever going to happen), I can jump back into writing more the way that I was a couple of months ago.

Whether or not this will work, I don’t know. But I’m going to try and see how it goes. Wish me luck, this month is going to be Hell until I can finally sit down for Christmas dinner on the 25th. No days off for me.


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