One Line Story #59


I’ve been dreaming of warmer places for weeks now. Two of my girl friends and I are in the midst of planning a trip oversees, and since we’ve been talking about it off and on all day, I figured I’d write something in the hopes that I might finally sleep and stop daydreaming. I doubt it will help, but whatever.

The trip is actually one I’ve been dying to take for a few years now, as it’s main purpose is for me to do some hands on research for my novel series. (That is part of why they won’t be released as fast as I originally planned.) I want to see places first hand and have my own experiences in order to write the books better. As much as looking at photos and reading countless articles and history books on the area, i feel I’ll do my best work after I see it in person.

I’ve had this strange draw to Malta for a while now, and it will play a part in the series later on. Yes, it’s a gorgeous place to visit from what I’ve been reading everywhere, but for me it’s actually about the old ruins that are there. I want to see them and touch them and feel the energy from them in the hopes that it will help fuel my writing and give it the right boost it needs for that particular part of the story.

Our plan is to be there for a month, renting a place between the three of us and just being there and taking it all in. I’m sure we will be busy for a lot of the trip, as we will probably make a side trip to Italy and Greece while we are there (also for research), but I feel it’s best to just take it all in and take notes and photos constantly for writing later. The plan was originally for only two of us to go and for me to write a good portion of the corresponding book while there, but with our third friend coming along, that seems less likely to happen unless I’m being the loser who’s missing out on all of the fun things they do so I can sit and write in our apartment. Which would completely defeat the purpose of me being there, when I need to see as much as possible.

This trip probably won’t happen for at least another year, as I’ve got my art show happening next fall and a trip already planned for this coming spring. When it does happen, though, I will be taking a laptop to keep the blog up to date and to post about some of our adventures when tempted to do so. I may even write some short stories while I’m there so that I can share some things here aside from the usual posts. I’m just getting really excited about it all because after years of talking about going, we are finally in the process of figuring it all out and setting dates. Finally! Now it feels like it’s actually happening, and there are no words to express how excited I am about it.

It’s a strange thing to me, because to go to Malta feels as though I will be going home simply because the area is so prominent for the background of Julian in my series that it already feels familiar. I’m excited about going there as I normally am about going to Newfoundland where I am actually from. Goes to show how intense the relationship between writer and character can get at times, I guess.


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