One Line Story #62


Some of you may have noticed that there wasn’t a flash fiction challenge posted on Saturday. That’s because, well, I didn’t really feel like it. Let me just be honest about that now because, let’s face it, the holidays can be exhausting. I have a challenge planned for all of you for this coming Saturday, so not to worry. After all of the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I figured I may not be the only one who needs a break.

As for this one liner, it’s how I’m looking at this year. Last year was good, yes. I want this year to be even better. Despite the good last year, there was definitely some bad thrown in there, and although I know that’s pretty much unavoidable, I’d like to keep the bad to a minimum this year. At least as much as possible.

So while on the topic of good stuff, I figured I’d share some other good news with you. One of my best friends and I have started brainstorming a novel to write together. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds. I realize how much work it is to write a book on your own, and that adding an extra person doesn’t exactly take any work away, and it could add extra stress that isn’t involved in working alone on a book. The up side, though, is that I have more than my own eyes to look over the story and find problems. We aren’t taking it too seriously for the time being, as we are literally still in the brainstorming stage, but if all goes well, we might be able to get this thing rolling in the next couple months and maybe even have a short story based on the novel’s character(s) to share with all of you.

We may actually be fairly open about the process of this project, unlike how I’ve been with my own series. My series is something I’m so close to that it’s hard to let others in, whereas this will be something completely new and fresh.

This doesn’t mean I’m putting my own series aside – trust me, that will never happen – it just means that I will have something to work on that has nothing to do with Julian or the Love and Death books, so if I really feel the need to write but need a break from that world, I still have something I can work on. I am not walking away from the books I’ve been working so hard to finish, I just need something else to get excited about aside from those, as those have been such a long time coming that they seem old to me at times. In fact, I was working on the second book of my series just a few days ago, and managed to get a few hundred words written before I had to get up and walk away to go to work.

In other good news, I am so excited about a short story I am writing that it may be published before the end of this month. That is, if I can get the cover finished before then. I hadn’t planned on painting one of the characters to go on the cover. I was originally planning on just making a simple cover, but the painting sort of just happened, and with it being oils, it’s a long and slow process to finish it up.

Yay stuff! Hope all of you are getting your goals in order for the year and have some sort of path figured out to get you to where you want to be. 🙂


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