Flash Fiction Challenge (09.01.16)

It’s been a long week, but let’s start this weekend off right! I’ve been going through all of my photos for the last week (when I can bring myself to actually do anything) and have come across some that I would like to hear some stories for. This is only the first – I now have a good stock of photos I can use in the future, all edited and prettied up and ready to go when I need them.

That, my dear readers, is what I want you to do this week. I want you to write a story inspired by the photo below. You have 1,000 words at your disposal – I don’t want any less or any more unless you’re just a few words off. That’s right, I’m looking for a longer story this week. You can write a legend or myth about the raven, a story involving it, a story about it, whatever you want.

You have until noon (PST) on Friday, January 15th


Write the story and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it. This is also open to anyone who wants to create a poem rather than a story. So if you’re more a poet than a storyteller, feel free to join in as well.

Go write an awesome entry and get back here with your link!


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