One Line Story #64


My week has been hell, and it’s all because of my insomnia. But the good thing that always seems to come with these infuriating bouts of sleep deprivation is that I tend to spend more time thinking and planning, brainstorming new ideas. I tend to spend more time with my characters to get to know them better, so when I do dive into projects involving them, I have a better grasp of how they would react to certain situations.

My late night brainstorming this week has been for the novel project I am getting started with a friend of mine. We have the basic plot and story figured out for a series of 3 novels, as well as some of the characters mapped out, and our world started. I’m not going to share too much with you yet, as we are still pretty early in the planning stages, but I will tell you that when we start writing, I will be sharing more information.

This doesn’t mean I am taking a break from my own series, as I am actually neck deep in those books as well, and this new series is just a way for me to step back and work on something different for a while. My books are very much still happening, and I am actually done a fair bit more of the second book than even I realized. (By that I  mean I have about 45,000 words written when I thought I only had maybe 25,000. By my estimates, the book will be somewhere between 90 and 115,000 words, so I’m about halfway there!) I am still working on my own series, and I will not stop working on it until it is actually done. Having another writing project is just a nice getaway for me if I want to write and can’t bring myself to work on Love and Death.

That said, I have some art projects I need to go work on for today, so no writing will happen aside from what I’ve already done. And you’re looking at what I’ve written today, so in the way of writing, it’s been a fairly unproductive day. Oh well. I finally got some sleep last night, so I feel like I may actually be able to get something done today.


2 thoughts on “One Line Story #64

  1. Patman says:

    The problem I have when brainstorming is not knowing when to stop and then go back to it once I’ve gotten an idea I would’ve thought about beforehand. This happens after I’ve slept for a couple of hours at night and my mind is like Navi from Zelda. It’s annoying.

    Also, I’ve been meaning to ask, when you write your story is it a personal reflection or is it thoughts for a project?

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      My one liners are generally just thoughts for other projects or a thought that’s come to mind while working on my series. Sometimes it’s just a line that pops into my head for no reason. There have been times when it is something more personal that’s on my mind, but I like to keep my deeper emotions for my longer stories so I can explore it a little more. Nice reference, by the way, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling all week, with my own little Navi. 😉

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