Today I Sport The Slytherin Colours

I rarely do this (and I had another entirely different post planned for today), but this one hit home for me more than a lot of other celebrity deaths ever do. I realize that Alan Rickman has been in plenty of movies outside of the Harry Potter franchise, but for me, he is Snape. Not to say that he wasn’t as good in the other roles, but Harry Potter – both the books and the movies – has held a really special spot for me for years.

As I started growing into my own as a writer, and realized that it’s something I really want to do for a living, I read the books again. And not just because I loved them. Because I wanted to learn more about how Rowling wrote about the character progressions, and Snape was admittedly one of my favourite characters in the series even before she dropped the bomb that he wasn’t as bad as he seemed.

I’ve always been drawn to characters who are bad at the beginning of a series. I’ve been told I have a strange sixth sense as to which characters are actually good, despite being portrayed as the bad guy. Generally, I can pick those characters out, and Severus Snape was no exception. Now, I’m not saying I believe it’s a sixth sense type of thing – I actually just think I pick up on subtleties more than a lot of people I know personally because I am a writer as well and can see the signs of the character turning to the good side. Or maybe I’m just good at guessing. Or I just have a thing for bad guys, and I get lucky that every time I pick one I like, they turn out to be good.

Either way, Snape has been a huge inspiration to me as a writer. His development through the series is something to be admired, something to inspire what’s possible for other writers who wish to be anywhere even a fraction as good as Rowling herself.

Waking up today and seeing that Rickman had passed felt like Snape had passed. Rickman’s portrayal of Professor Snape was perfection. He embodied the role so well that it was hard to believe that he was only acting. That speaks volumes to me, as I tend to be so picky while watching movies and shows that it’s hard to really put myself in the world being shown on screen. But he helped make that real for me, and I know for others as well.

I’m not writing this post having suddenly realized how much I loved his character and the actor himself. The title of this post is true. I wear the Slytherin colours because of him, and the strange thing about it all was that my best friend and I were filling a shopping cart at on online store last night with more memorabilia, including more Slytherin stuff for myself, because she only wears Gryffindor. The timing of that is surreal at the moment, as I had picked out a few things to go with my scarf and other random trinkets.

My house is Slytherin. I chose that. I wear those colours with pride. And if I can write one of my characters half as well as Rowling wrote Snape, I will be more than happy.

Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman. For me, you will always be Severus Snape, and you will be nothing but a huge inspiration to me. Always.


2 thoughts on “Today I Sport The Slytherin Colours

  1. Z. says:

    Thank you for your reflection. Alan Rickman’s passing has been hard. He was an incredible actor. I’ll always remember him best as Snape, Hans, and Metatron.

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