One Line Story #65


Can you believe this is the 250th post on this blog? Crazy! And to think, I’ve barely posted for months now aside from the flash fiction challenges. I do want to change that, I really do. I feel like I’ve been slacking so much here on the blog, and I have, but I’ve had so many projects on the go that it’s been hard to  keep up with all of them. It’s not that I’ve been neglecting my writing, I just haven’t really been able to write anything for the blog. It’s all been novel things or other projects that I can’t share quite yet.

I am hoping that I can slowly ease back into it, though. I do have that novel project I mentioned recently that I’m working on with a friend, and as long as we can get past some of the other things we both have going on, we might be able to get the first chapter up sometime next month. It really just depends on how everything goes, which is something I can’t quite predict as hard as I may try. Finger crossed! I’ve bitten off more than I can chew (again), and it’s been hard trying to keep up with it all.


4 thoughts on “One Line Story #65

  1. leenasbooks says:

    I hear you – I’ve also had so many projects going on (publishing a novel being one) that one day I realized I’d better sit down with my calendar and plan the dates when I am going to write… Too easy to postpone it when life happens. But somehow, when it is in my calendar, it is easier.

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