Flash Fiction Challenge: One Line Story (25.01.16)

As I said last week, I have been considering changing the day of my flash fiction challenges, simply for the fact that most of my really busy work days happen to fall on Saturdays and Sundays now. (The joy for working in the photography business when most of my clients work Monday to Friday.) For now, I think I’m going to stick to Mondays for the challenge. Of all the days of the week, it seems to fit best.

That said, I’m giving you a simple one for this week. This week you only have to write one line. That’s right, it’s another one line story challenge. This time I want you to write something futuristic in some way. You only have one line, so it does limit what you can do a bit, but I’m sure you can all think of something! As always, there is no word count you need to reach with this challenge. Just remember to keep it to one sentence!

You have until noon (PST) on Sunday, January 31st.

Write the story and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it. This is also open to anyone who wants to create a poem rather than a story. So if you’re more a poet than a storyteller, feel free to join in as well.

Go write an awesome entry and get back here with your link!


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: One Line Story (25.01.16)

  1. Andrew Troy Keller says:

    As soon as he got home from work, Larry pressed a button and allowed a holographic image of a beautiful brunette which he happened to had named Phylicia to appear naked in front of him and ask, “Rough day at work?”, before Larry sighed and answered, “That is for sure.”, which made Phylicia sit on the sofa, open her legs and say, “Then, come over here… and let me ease those workday blues away for you.”, before Larry got himself totally undressed and allowed his holographic lover to suck his dick until she popped it out of her mouth and let it go deep inside her pussy while Larry sucked her tits only to have someone knock on the front door and say, “Hey, Larry! Are you home? Karen and Barbara are waiting for us in the car! Come on!”, which made Larry look at his watch and say, “Ah, shit! Look, Phylicia! I have to go on this double date that George had talked me into going on! But I will be back soon!”, before he went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and Phylicia allowed a single tear to run down her cheek before saying, “Please hurry!”, and disappearing when the hologram program had shut itself down.

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