It’s been a while since I’ve been really active on the blog, and I really wish it weren’t true. I’ve been so busy with so many other things that finding time to work on blog posts has been nearly impossible, and when I do find some time, I don’t get enough done to be happy posting it.

The reasons for this are pretty simple. I’m too busy. I know it’s a terrible excuse, and one used by too many people, but it’s true. I’ve started a business recently that needs a lot of my time and attention, and I am still working on my books as well as art for my show that’s coming up in October. I am also preparing for a trip I’m taking in about a month, and still booking photo sessions for my photography business. Like I said, busy.

I have still been writing, though. I’ve been scouring Between Love and Death for a couple of weeks straight, making sure I’ve got it as I want and picking out any little typos and mistakes that have been missed the countless other times I’ve edited. And the exciting part about that? I think it’s almost ready! I’ve made some changes to it, and I’ve got some reader friends poring over it for me to find any inconsistencies and errors I may have missed. But it’s coming along really nicely, and if all goes well, I hope to publish this June. Frankly, I’d love to publish sooner, but I can’t justify setting a date just yet due to the little bit I do have left to do with it.

I’m also working on art for the series, as I’m hoping to release an art book at some point in the future. Don’t take this as an official announcement just yet, as it’s still in the planning stages, and the art alone will take hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to produce. But depending on the success (or lack thereof) of the first book as well as the following two, I plan to release a book of sketches and paintings detailing the characters and scenes as I see them in my head. I’m a very visual person, and one of my favourite things when picking up a new book is finding character art or maps or other types of illustrations on the pages.

(If you are interested in seeing some of the art that may be included, you can check out my art Facebook page, where I post works in progress and finished pieces of plenty of the things I may use. Plus it will be a better place to keep up to date with this possible art book project.)

So the good news is that the book is still slated to come out this year – possibly as early as May. The release may not be announced until a week or two before, as I don’t want the added stress of working on a deadline when I have so many other things going on. It’s unfortunate, as I would actually prefer to have a set date, but for right now it’s too difficult.

I will, however, announce the release as soon as I know, and I will be making a point of updating the blog whenever possible with news of progress. I’m sorry to my readers who may have been waiting for the book since December, but I assure you it is still happening, and you will not  have to wait much longer. Until then, I plan to get back on top of my flash fiction challenges and playlists and other tips for all of you, so expect more posts very soon.

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