This weekend marks a big one for me. The weekend itself is nothing special, and there is nothing big happening. The reason for it being a big one is actually quite simple. This weekend I finished the biggest and most detailed piece of art I have ever completed. The largest I have ever even considered tackling. I can’t show any of you yet, as it’s meant for the art show I’m a part of in October. But holy crap I’m proud of this one. It surpassed my own expectations by leaps and bounds, and there are absolutely no words to describe the relief I feel knowing that it’s done and I can finally walk away from it and work on something else.

I know in a year, or maybe even less, I will do something that is much better, but for now, it’s one of the best pieces I’ve ever created. I said the same about a piece I did less than a year ago, and I will say the same in the future. I call these pieces my turning points. They are the pieces that I surprise myself with, when I can see a clear improvement from the piece created just before it. Sometimes it’s an improvement I can see better than anyone else, and other time it’s so huge that it looks like the work of someone who had much more experience than myself. (Not to say that I have no experience, as art has been my lifeblood for my entire life, but there are plenty of others who are much better than myself, and there always will be.)

Right now I’m just checking in to say that I have not left you all again. I am merely on the homestretch with the art for the show, and I have just a few days left to finish the remaining painting before I can finally step back and take a breath. Until then, cheers!


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