Help! I don’t have a name!

Okay, so this is not my usual post. It’s far from normal, and I know it’s something that is very personal, but please, bare with me. I need help with something. None of you can make my decision for me, but I am looking for input on a name.

What name, you ask? My name. I know, that sounds utterly ridiculous. But I’ve come to a point where I’m working on a bunch of writing projects under the radar, and I’m hoping to start publishing in the fall. My problem is that I’m unsure of whether or not I should use the same name for each of the genres. Now, there are some challenges involved in this, but the major challenge in using different names for different genres is that I have  characters who will play a part in each one. Some characters will be very present in each genre, and I’m unsure of whether or not that will cause more confusion than necessary for readers. If I choose to use a pen name, I would consider sharing that pen name here on the blog in the future, but I want to avoid confusion as much as possible.

So what are your thoughts? Should I use my own name for all of the stories and span two or three different genres with the same characters? Or should I use a pen name for the short stories that don’t fit into the same genre as my novels with the same characters? (Please note, I am not willing to compromise on the characters themselves in each story and they are the driving force in each story I tell.)

Please tell me your thoughts! ❤