About Kimberley

Kimberley Crawford is a Jane-of-all-trades based in the far Canadian north who works as a writer, a latex fashion designer, artist, and a photographer. Her photography and fashion have been published in numerous magazines and online sources, as well as having shown in Boston Fashion Week in Fall 2012.

She has been researching the supernatural world for most of her life, beginning at the tender age of 9 when her mother gave her an encyclopedia about the subject. Since then, Kimberley has collected over 150 books on the paranormal and spent countless hours researching the unseen wonders surrounding everyday life.

Aside from working on a series of novels, she also writes articles and short stories for her blog regularly, offering tips for other writers as well as showcasing her own work.



For more information about her photography:

Fake Believe Photography Facebook Page

For more information about her fashion design:

Kinky Cat Designs Facebook Page

For more information about her artwork:



29 thoughts on “About Kimberley

  1. silentpoet says:

    Hi~!! it’s such a great feeling to know that there are still people who enjoy reading some supernatural stuffs like I do. Glad to drop by here and know you.

  2. Dash McCallen says:

    Awesome thanks for the like! Very lyrical name that brings to mind a few passages right away. Stay tuned as the story after story that comes out of my brain cell (Note: Singular) is not always linear. that is to say, I really like my dragons and humans having relationships, but right now they are off at the coffee shop waiting for my imagination to call them to the fore again.

    Hope to see from you again, keep in touch!

    Coffee is a wonderful thing.


  3. jensenempire2551 says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog;

    You follow some interest, in which i am having problems with, also been punished about you won’t believe the curl an unforgiven ways..

    i would like to discuss , a topic which have done much research in, via e-mail;


    Only ifinn you have the time to put-up a childlike mind in adult body!

    chris jensen (toad)

  4. 3tara says:

    A true artist! Thank you for stopping by my blog so that I have the pleasure of learning who you are! Looking forward to delving into all your works. – xo 3T

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